The Intercostals


The Intercostals

In February 2018, my life changed-- I was a seemingly healthy 39 year old diagnosed with lung cancer. After a persistent cough initially diagnosed as atypical pneumonia, I found myself in the hospital with an acute episode of shortness of breath. Scans showed that I had a mass in my right lung that spread to lymph nodes near my right clavicle and stomach and along the pleura (the lining of the lung) which is considered Stage 4 disease. I later found out that the cancer is driven by a gene mutation identified as ROS1. This particular mutation is rare occurring in 1% of lung cancer patients. I also found that the cancer has an additional mutation, exon 35, which together with ROS1 mutation has never been seen before. (I am EXCEPTIONal, what can I say...)
Due to recent advancements in treatment, I have been able to maintain a normal lifestyle--- returning to work and spending precious time with my loved ones. Although I am currently doing well, my long term survival depends on new treatment advancements. It is critical to my life and the lives of others that we learn more about this form of lung cancer. Through research, we can find better and new treatments and hopefully one day find a cure. I have committed to raising $5000 this year in order to fund research aimed at better understanding lung cancer and my cancer type.

My team this year is called the INTERCOSTALS (the name of the muscles between our ribs that help us to breathe) because I want to INSPIRE others. Our team color is blue ("out of the blue", get it?!?!) Please help me reach my fundraising goal by joining us for the walk and/or making a donation of $50 today.

Join the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Water Works at Buffalo Bayou Park. 

Don’t miss this day of family fun as we walk/run together to raise awareness and funds in our fight against lung cancer. #LungLoveCure19 #BeatLungCancer The Intercostals

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1. MSMichelle Smith
Good luck on the walk. Stay strong!!
2. AAAyanna N.S. Anderson
Keep your head up, soror!!! Sending lots of light, love and strength from your Oakland soror (Aliya's sister).
3. LHLillian A. Holmes
For you, Sanya, I’m believing. I love you dearly. ‘Momma’ Holmes
4. DDDennis & Dawn
Always in our prayers
5. YRYvonne Reid
Sending this, and all my love, best wishes and prayers, as a token of my support for Sanya! Yvonne
6. TSTrudyann Solomon
Love you Sanya Fr: The Solomons