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This year, for the first time ever, two of the leading lung cancer organizations have joined forces to create one of the largest run/walk events for lung cancer in Texas…because together we are stronger.

Join the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Water Works at Buffalo Bayou Park. 

Don’t miss this day of family fun as we walk/run together to raise awareness and funds in our fight against lung cancer. #LungLoveCure19 #BeatLungCancer Chela's Angels

Irene Garcia
  • JGJoel Garcia
  • CSCathy Salazar
  • ASAnthony Salazar
  • CSChristopher Salazar
  • MGMaggie Garcia
  • KGKarilynne Garza
  • CGCarlos Garza
  • RGRamon Garza
  • RGRobert Garcia
  • KGKim Garcia
  • KGKaitlynne Garcia
  • CGCristian Garcia
  • GVGracie Victor
  • JVJonathan Victor
  • EGEsteban Garcia
  • MGMia Garcia


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