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Stephanie Cervantes
Its that time of year again, time to put on your tennis shoes and come take a walk with me at the Annual Lung cancer walk on November 2, at Buffalo Bayou Park. I was Diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer In September 2016, it's because of the research Dollars that I am alive today. Your 30.00 or more if you are feeling generous:) donation to join my team will help fund more research. All proceeds go to the GO2 Foundation. Click on the link below to join! Thanks in Advance to all of my awesome friends and Family!!!!..............Stephanie

Don’t miss this day of family fun as we walk/run together to raise awareness and funds in our fight against lung cancer. #LungLoveCure19 #BeatLungCancerStephanie


raised of $2,000 goal

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1. EBElysse Boretsky
Way to go, Team Stephanie!
2. BBrenda Short
Wishing you and Gonzie the best in your inspiring fight!
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5. DJDarius Jones
Keep Fighting!
6. DRDassalee Richardson-James
Go Team Stephanie! May you meet your requirements and continue to kick Lung Cancer to the curb! United we stand!

Team Stephanie