Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2019

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Our mission is to "End the stigma and suffering for lung cancer patients and caregivers, in memory of Kathleen Matthews".
The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Classic is a 1,800+ mile bike ride, in memory of Kathleen Matthews, to raise awareness and money for lung cancer.  The ride started on Thursday, August 22 at Guy's Bicycles in Southampton, PA.  The route then went through New Jersey, Upstate New York, Cleveland, Columbus, OH, Maryland and finished on September 8 at Elkins Spark Fitness in Elkins Park, PA.  This year, we had over 30 people riding and driving, including two-time lung cancer survivor Terri Ann DiJulio and lung cancer surgeon, Dr. Charles Bakhos.  
In addition, we will “Ride to the Moon” in November, by collecting 238,900 miles on our Ride Hard Breathe Easy Club on Strava
We dedicate each day to someone impacted by lung cancer, like we've done the past two years. You will see an example of our dedication to Mom below.  Contact us at tribute@rhbe.org and we will recognize someone you love.  Click PHOTOS below to see tributes.

Please contact me at john@rhbe.org if you want to ride, drive, or help, or if you have any questions.
The money we raise during our rides over the past two years have focused on ending the stigma and early detection.  They specifically helped fund the Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Centers of Excellence program and education efforts, and two projects from The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute that focused on the Genomics and Epidemiology of lung cancer in patients.  

And finally, we added a new event this year called Wine Hard Breathe Easy.  This event was held on June 27th and included wine tasting, a silent auction and some live auction items.  We were joined by 120 people and raised over $26,000 for lung cancer patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple Lung Center! 
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Ride Hard Breathe Easy is a 501 (c) (3).  Tax ID# is 83-3617535
raised of $50,000 goal

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Terri Ann DiJulio
$23,775 raised
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Beth Solomon
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