Terri Ann DiJulio

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My Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2019 Fundraising Page

Terri Ann Dijulio

As most of you know I am a two-time lung cancer survivor and a member of a multi-generational lung cancer family. Once again, I am joining Ride Hard Breathe Easy riding my bike over 300 miles of the 1800 mile route. Will you please consider supporting my efforts by donating toward my ambitious $20,000.00 fund raising goal?

This year I will be riding in memory of my mother, Theresa DiJulio and in memory of my two uncles; Tony Ricci and Tony DiPietro.

If I am lucky enough to be able to ride my bike, which is something that a lot of folks with this disease can't do, then I want to use this gift to make a difference. Please help us work toward creating more outcomes like mine! Any amount is greatly appreciated.

With Love and Gratitude,
Terri Ann

Together, we can make a difference!



raised of $20,000 goal

Recent Donations

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Requested by Lisa Turner
3. DMDoug Meis
Good luck Terri! I wish you happiness and safety during this adventure. You are tougher than most!
4. BKBryce Kubecka
Keep it up!! Xoxo
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6. SDSara And Dennis DiGirolamo
You are doing amazing work! So proud of you!