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Steve Booth

My good friend John (Jack to some) Matthews started the RIde Hard/ Breathe Easy foundation after losing his mother to lung cancer.

As I've talked with John about the foundation I was shocked to learn the following:

* Lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the world and in every state in the U.S.
*Women are more likely to die from lung cancer than breast cancer.
*Men are more likely to die from lung cancer than prostate cancer.
*The five year survival rate of lung cancer is only 19%.
*70-80% of lung cancer diagnosis either never smoked, or quit decades earlier.

The last one was the real shocker to me. Like most people I assumed this was a "self-inflicted" disease caused by smoking. It's not the case. That's why the RHBE Foundation is focused on two primary things. The first is removing the stigma of lung cancer. The second is early detection, as no tests exist today for early detection.

Would you be willing to donate to support John and RHBE in this terrific effort? Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!




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Hope you have a good tailwind, Steve!
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Good Luck Steve. Try not to die!
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John, 1,800 miles is impressive !!
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